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Rivera on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show!

9 May

Fun Stuff. As Jon Steward is a diehard Mets’ fan, you can imagine he would certainly joke about it.





Highlight of MLB 2013 (Must-See!)

27 Feb

A year to remember!

9/26/2013: Mariano Rivera receives an emotional sendoff from Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter as he exits his final game at Yankee Stadium

Watching the highlight video (the first link) of MLB 2013, How can you not like baseball?!~ Sliding the video time to 3:03, how can you not feel emotional watching Mariano Rivera’s send-off moment? I’ve watched this particular video of MO’s (the second link) tons of times and every single time I watch it, it still feels the same, the same kind of mixed feeling as watching the game live last September~ 😦 Please do check both videos and enjoy! 🙂


Farewell to Andy & Mo Part II

27 Sep

Besides Sunday’s farewell ceremony, there are heart-warming ovations to Mo and Andy Pettitte on the final game in Yankees stadium this season. Here are the links of the videos:

Andy Pettitte emerges from the dugout to take a curtain call and gets a warm ovation from the Yankee Stadium fans for the last time

Pettitte receives ovation

Mariano Rivera trots in from the bullpen to “Enter Sandman” to take the mound in his final career appearance at Yankee Stadium

Mo enters Yankee Stadium finale

Mariano Rivera is overwhelmed with emotion as he receives a heartfelt ovation upon exiting his final career game at Yankee Stadium

Mo exits to heartwarming ovation

Andy Pettitte talks about sending off Mariano Rivera with Derek Jeter‘s help, their times together and his own curtain call

Pettitte on Mo’s final home game

((Andy looks soooo gorgeous with a button shirt & tie on, doesn’t he?))


Seeing Andy hugging Mo and Mo crying, I got choked up and tearful, too~ 😥 Girardi was wiping tears in the dugout after picking up the ball for Mo!

Thank you, Andy & Mo! For all these years’ outstanding work! =) Two tremendous Yankees ever! Just profession, tears and cheers, like Michael Kay said!


Farewell Celebrations! Goodbye Andy & Mo! (Re-Updated!)

26 Sep

Andy Pettitte pitches seven-plus solid frames, allowing just two runs on two hits and one walk while striking out six

Pettitte’s solid start

Andy Pettitte takes a curtain call after exiting his final start at Yankee Stadium to a standing ovation from Yankees fans

Pettitte exits, receives ovation

Brian Kenny, Dan Plesac and Joey Cora discuss the dominant combination of Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera

Pettitte, Rivera dominant duo

Current and former players spoke about Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte in their last game at Yankee Stadium

Pettitte and Rivera say goodbye

The Yankees hold a pregame ceremony for Andy Pettitte to honor his upcoming retirement

Yankees honor Pettitte

Andy Pettitte Memorial Ceremony

The Yankees honor Mariano Rivera with a special ceremony prior to their game against the Giants

Yankees honor Mo

Mariano Rivera Farewell Tour

All Farewell Celebrations Across the Country in 2013


Seeing the long-lasting standing ovation to Andy Pettitte while he was getting off the mound, I was so emotional, feeling eyes getting watery though not yet choked up…

Here is his story I like the most that stands out who he is, not just what he does:


Yankees Spring Training 2013 (So far) – Links Updated

16 Mar

See the following video collection!


Pettitte‘s strong spring debut:



Rivera‘s scoreless fifth:



Mo looks back on career: Mo will retired after this year!!! 😥 He wants to throw his last pitch in World Series. That is how he envisions to be his last game or last pitch! They need to win World Series. That will be his ambition!




Sabathia‘s strong spring debut:



Kuroda‘s scoreless start: 6 strikeouts in 4 innings!!



Youkilis‘ diving play:



Way to go Mo! Way to go Yankees!!